Rapid Recovery Therapies


Don't Let Pain Steal Another Day!

Love is an energy of the Highest Vibration

It is essential to life and to all healing that takes place, in everything, everywhere.


Every "Body, Mind, and Spirit" has a story to tell and I am here to listen to your body’s, soul's, and spirit's story.

My philosophy is based on the belief that your body, mind, spirit and soul sends messages. I use these to help bring you back into balance. My skill is to listen to those messages and using various modalities, assist in bringing your body, mind and spirit into that place of balance.

I often hear,

Linda, Please, “Without overloading my brain”, can you explain the complex ideas of the Intuitive Coaching, Healing Codes, Spiritual Science and how we use Energy Medicine to heal ourselves.

For some of you the information will not be new, for others it will be a whole new approach to looking at your life, relationships, as well as using Intuitive Coaching, Energy Medicine and Spiritual Science in your life every day.

If I can get you to understand that;

  • You are more powerful than you have been lead to believe.
  • You create your life and are in control of your health.
  • Everything is connected to you and the choices that you make affect everything that you do.
  • You do more research and ask more questions.

That the best energy therapy method and healthy living style is the one you use and do everyday!

And you

Feel inspired to take back your power and live the life of your dreams.

Then I have succeeded in assisting you on your journey of discovery!

As you've probably gathered by now I am passionate about learning, teaching and healing with energy.

Throughout the years I have studied many different healing modalities, Reiki, Crystals, Meditation, Qigong, Sound & Color Therapy, Thought Field Therapy (EFT, Tapping) and Healing Codes to mention a few.

I have a full time Intuitive Coaching, Massage and Energetic Intuitive Healing Practice.

I have had many opportunities to practice my energy healing skills on myself, my family, friends and countless clients worldwide. I have had to stand back in awe, gratitude and amazement at the results and improvements these healing techniques, massage therapy and intuitive coaching session have made in every case.